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   Emotional Freedom Technique, often referred to as "tapping," is a technique used for working through emotional trauma.  Though it may be deceptively simple to learn, it can often lead to quite profound and  powerful emotional releases.


   A session with me is part tutorial and part guide through the emotional realms of trauma.  We work together to find triggers and personal sticking points, then move to deactivate the underlying issues thereby promoting release.  

15min.  Tutorial

30min.  Session

50min.  Full Session

A basic "how to" experience to learn this simple yet powerful technique.

You will not only learn how to perform EFT on yourself, but we will also work together to identify personal sticking points. 

A sometimes intense session of rooting out deep seeded chronic limiting beliefs.




    Currently, all appointments are booked directly with Molly via

and all payments are made prior to sessions by cash, check or mobile account.

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