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Yoga at Home

Emotional Management

   This is my favorite session to do with clients because I get to help people help themselves.  I am passionate about empowerment and with the emotional management session I get to teach all of the best tools and techniques for calming the mind, body and soul.  Skills that can work quickly and effectively for anyone during times of stress.


   The emotional management session is a crash course covering several different breathwork techniques, basic energy medicine, E.F.T., TAT and simple meditation.  It teaches a minute-clinic toolbox for the full holistic activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

 Emotional  Management

 1hr. Session

Learn an entire suite of tools and techniques designed to quickly tame any sudden upwelling of feeling and help calm an over-active mind within minutes.


    Currently, all appointments are booked directly with Molly via

and all payments are made prior to sessions by cash, check or mobile account.

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