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The way I see things...

   Health and wellness from the holistic perspective is a matter of balance and harmony among the realms of the mind, body and soul.  A quick look around reveals a very different story.  Instead, what I see is an enormous amount of guilt and shame surrounding any episode of mental or emotional instability;  a physical realm rife with expectation and judgement over one's appearance, especially women;  and finally, a great deal of intolerance and confusion regarding what a spiritual connection might even mean in our modern world.  Having personally experienced each of these distortions in my own life, it is my mission to help other people by providing Holistic Health Counseling that is economical, empathetic and empowering. 

   Whether it's a gym membership, yoga class, acupuncture session or just a trip to Whole Foods; conscious, healthy living can get very expensive.  But when it comes to one's wellbeing, the goal should be access for all.  This is why I strive to make my services as flexible and affordable as possible.

   Secondly, I like to meet people where they're at.  Often times the uninitiated can become quickly overwhelmed or intimidated by the perplexing field of complimentary medicine and simply walk away.  I use an empathetic approach to create an environment of acceptance regardless of one's knowledge or starting point on their journey to health. 

   Lastly, other than supplement protocols which require specialized knowledge, a lot of what I do with clients can be learned and self-administered after only one or two sessions.  There is nothing that makes me happier than empowering someone to help themselves.  Like my dad always said, "Teach a man to fish..."


   When I began my healing journey I careened haphazardly through the complimentary medicine landscape searching for the thing, that one thing that would fix all my ailments, slay my inner demons, and then poof, enlightenment.  What I of course came to understand is that there is no magic pill panacea, no silver bullet for instant health and wellness.  What I learned instead is that it's all about removing impediments.  Whether it's clearing energy blockages, unpacking emotional baggage or removing free-radicals from the body, we all have a healing life-force that wants to heal itself; if we can just get out of the way.  I believe that in the mind, body, soul, holistic health consciousness, anything is possible.  So go out there and find your balance, connect with the modalities that resonate with you, and if I get to be a signpost along your healing path, I'm a happy person.

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