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Reiki Treatment


   Reiki is an energy healing practice that works to clean chakras and clear blockages.  The word reiki itself is translated as "universal life energy."


   I like to think of reiki as a massage for the soul.  A reiki session with me will cleanse the body and attune the spirit.

15min.  Attunement

30min. Session

50min. Full Session

A short but powerful cleansing of all the body's chakras.

A fuller chakra cleansing as well as a clearing of any major energy blockages.

The complete package.  A total chakra cleanse, removal of all blockages and a super boost of pranic energy.  This session may take longer than the allotted time.




    Currently, all appointments are booked directly with Molly via

and all payments are made prior to sessions by cash, check or mobile account.

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